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Singer face masks were initially developed in Canada by a very generous soprano who decided to share her pattern widely so that choirs all over the world could safely get back to making music together. 


Like the standard masks, these are triple layered and made of cotton and/or polycotton, depending on the chosen print.  The key difference is the cage structure suspended in front of the mouth with plastic boning, which prevents the fabric from being sucked into the singer's mouth on in-breaths, and also provides far more space, allowing for much better projection and enunciation.

They are consequently invaluable for other professions and occupations too - anyone who needs to project their voice and be clearly heard whilst masked would definitely benefit!

Each mask also features a nose strip, soft ear elastic with adjusters, and a drawstring washbag so that you can safely transport your used mask home.












Browse the fabulous pattern options in our Face Mask Print Galleries and then make your selection via the themed sections below. 


Happy Choosing!